Electrician Schools in Your State

We've created a database of every electrician school and every electrician apprenticeship in the United States. If you run an apprenticeship or teach an electrical technology program that's not on our list, please head over to our "Contacts" page and drop us a line. We'll gladly add your apprenticeship or school to our database.

You can also use the map below. Click on your state to find a full discussion of training requirements, salary information, and all the training programs available to you. If you have any questions or observations, feel free to leave a comment.

When you're done reviewing the schools and apprenticeships available to you, take a look around the site. We discuss what electrician work is actually like, discuss different career opportunities, compare electrician careers to other trade jobs, and provide all the info you need to learn more about the career.

If you decide to become an electrician, we're rooting for you! Our country needs talented young men and women to continue the proud tradition of working in the trades. ‚Äč