Electrician Schools and Training in Colorado

Over the next ten to twenty years, our country's need for electricians is going to grow at a faster pace than our need for most other occupations. If you're ready to begin a satisfying and high-paying career, we've got all the info about licenses, training, and electrician schools in Colorado you need to get started.

What's The Process?​

There are basically two ways to start a career as an electrician in Colorado. You can:​

Enroll At An Electrician School. Community schools and tech programs provide the in-depth knowledge to get hired and begin building your career. You'll learn how to use job-specific tools, how to install wiring and make sure it's "up to code," and how to plan blueprints and electrical systems. When you complete the program, you'll be able to look for work in your area as an electrician's helper or electrician's assistant, and begin to build your career from there.​

Get An Apprenticeship. You've probably heard of this option. An apprenticeship is a program designed to teach you all the skills you need WHILE you work. You get a paycheck, and you have a supervisor who teaches you tasks as you go along. And, as we'll explain in the next section, an apprenticeship is a required part of getting an electrician license.​

Electrician Schools in Colorado

Getting Your License​

Your ultimate aim as an electrician should be to attain a license. Electricians who earn licenses make much higher salaries, are allowed to do a broader range of tasks, and are therefore more sought-after by employers.

There are four electrician licenses available in Colorado: residential wireman, journeyman electrician, master electrician, and electrical contractor. Each license allows you to take on different types of work in different environments. Each license takes between two and four years to attain.​

As we stated above, it takes years to earn a license, but it's most definitely worth it. It's not something you really need to consider now--you're gathering information about the career--but it's definitely something you want to focus on as you get your first job or your apprenticeship.

What Does The Colorado Electrician Salary Look Like?​

In order to give you a better idea of what kind of salary you can make as a licensed electrician, we researched statistics gathered by the federal government's fact-finding agency. We compiled the following salary information for trades workers in Colorado:​

Colorado Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage
HVAC $23.85 $49,610
Electricians $23.19 $48,240
Plumbers $22.71 $47,230
Carpenters $20.42 $42,460
Construction Laborers $15.33 $31,890
All Occupations in CO $23.97 $49,860

The data shows that heating/venting/AC workers, electricians, and plumbers make about the same income. Carpenters make less---about $5,000 or more less---as do construction workers, who make a lot less.

Here are some insights we've gleaned from the data:​

  • All four of the trades that require more extensive training (HVAC, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters) make more than $20 an hour; construction workers make less than that, and average just over $15 per hour;
  • The income for skilled trades is about equal to the "All Occupations in State" measurement, which is good; and
  • Colorado is very unique, in that HVAC workers seem to make more than electricians; in most states, that's not the case. Usually, plumbers and electricians are tied for the highest incomes, followed by HVAC workers, carpenters, and then construction workers.

If you decide to train as an electrician, it's good to know that you will make a competitive wage.

Colorado Electrical & Electrician Schools​

Last but not least: here's a full index of the electrical schools in Colorado, followed by various apprenticeship programs you can contact. ​

Colorado Technical University — Aurora Campus
3151 South Vaughn Way
Aurora, CO 80014
(855) 230-0555

Pickens Tech School
500 Airport Boulevard
Aurora, CO

Colorado Technical University — Colorado Springs Campus
4435 North Chestnut Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(855) 230-0555

Electrician Schools in Denver, CO

Emily Griffith Technical College
1860 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203
(720) 423-4700

Colorado Mesa University
1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 248-1020

Aims Community College
5401 West 20th Street
Greeley, CO 80634
(970) 330-8008

Pueblo Community College
900 West Orman Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81004

Colorado Mountain College — Rifle Campus
3695 Airport Road
Rifle, CO 81650
(970) 625-1871

Union Apprenticeship Programs in Colorado

JATC of Western Colorado
3210 East Road
Clifton, CO 81520
(970) 523-7726

JATC of Colorado Springs
414 West Pikes Peak Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
(719) 473-1781

JATC — Denver Area
5610 North Logan Street
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 295-1903

JATC of Pueblo
2924 Graneros Lane
Pueblo, CO 81005
(719) 561-8000

Independent Electrical Contractors (“IEC”) Apprenticeships in Colorado (Non-Union)

Rocky Mountain Chapter
480 East 76th Avenue
Denver, CO 80229
(303) 853-4886

Southern Colorado Chapter
5975 Omaha Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(719) 596-3688
Western Colorado Chapter
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
(970) 984-3280

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