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Practical Advice on Finding the Right Career

We get a lot of visitors who are 100% certain they want to be electricians, and they simply want information on how to get their careers started. That’s awesome, and we’re glad to help those people.However, over the last year or so, we’ve discovered that many of our visitors—maybe even most of our visitors—aren’t quite […]

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Is It Difficult To Be A Female Electrician?

If you are 1) a female, and 2) interested in becoming an electrician, you probably have a few questions. The trades are known for being a male-dominated workforce. What will your work experience be like? Will you be treated fairly? Will the physical nature of the work be an issue? Will the men you work […]

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What Does An Electrician Do, Exactly?

​This is a question that seems like it has an obvious answer: electricians work with electricity. They set things up so that buildings and homes receive the power they need to utilize electrical devices. But that doesn’t really tell you about the actual tasks that an electrician does on any given workday. Click HERE to […]

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Requirements To Become An Electrician

In this post, we’ll discuss the specific requirements to entering the trades and becoming an electrician: age, education, and so on. Click HERE to Find an Electrician School Definitions and TermsBefore we list the electrician requirements, here’s a review of some important facts and terms from some of our other posts: A licensed electrician is […]

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How Long Does It Take To Become An Electrician?

There are many people who are truly excited at the idea of a life-long career as an electrician. They’re so excited to get started, that they’re a little shocked when they find out:It takes a while to become a fully-licensed journeyman electrician.In fact, it takes about four years.Yep! It usually takes four years to complete […]

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